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Rocking jam at the 2022 Beachfront Radio Showcase with Bill Crowley (vocals/guitar), Jeff Dayton (guitar) & Dave Matchette (harmonica) at the Smokin Tuna, Key West. Video thanks to David Fish for capturing musical magic!

With Todd Trusty @ 2022 Tiki Man Radio Songwriters Showcase, Durty Harry's , Key West.

November 2022: Sitting in with Hungry Hard Luck Heroes at Island Dogs in Key West playing early Jimmy Buffett songs like "Nautical Wheelers".

With Bill Crowley at the Tiki House, Key West  

With Todd Trusty at the Tiki House, Key West, FL

With Tiki Thom at the Tiki House with "Find the Keys" from the Key  West Strong charity CD.

With Erica "Sunshine" Lee at Hank's Saloon, Key West, FL

"Son of a Son of a Sailor" at Island Dogs Bar, Key West in Nov 22. Tim Campbell on vocals with the Hungry Hard Luck Heroes Band.

Clip of Santana instrumental w/ Donny Brewer, John McDonald & Dale Cinski.

"She Only Came For The Bongos"-John McDonald at First Flight, Key West, November 2021 Parrothead Week.

SWith Godiva Simonic at First Flight, Key West during November 2021 Parrothead Week.

With Beth Travers at First Flight, Key West during November 2021 Parrothead Week.

With Bill Crowley at Durty Harry's, Key West for the Tiki Man Radio Songwriters Showcase November 2021. "Florida Junkie" song.

"Wino & I Know" with Tim Campbell & The Tropical Attitudes Band at Durty Harry's Key West in November 2022.

Percussion solo for Bob Banarjee & Emily Randle, Key West 2021.

Percussion solo with Johnny "Jam" Martinez with Quiet Riot Act at the Brunswick, Old Orchard Beach 2021.

90 minute Key West Halloween 2021 concert with Scott Kirby & Gabriel Donahue. I am mostly out of camera range except for some cameos.

2022 Tiki Man Radio Songwriters Showcase, Durty Harry's, Key West with Bill Crowley & Brad Brewer.

The Island Castaways with the late trop-rock legend Jim Morris' "Navigator Afternoon" at the 2023 Northeast Parrothead Convention in Mansfield, MA.

With Todd Trusty at McGuirk's, Hampton Beach, NH July 2023. A clip from "A Pirate Looks at 40".

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